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Further omics, statistics and clinical data in R - 15 April 2024

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Registration not yet available

Registration for this course is now closed. If you're looking for a beginners course, we have another round of our popular 'Omic data analysis and visualisation using R' training starting on Monday 20 May. You can also take a look at the full training programme and more advanced courses coming up.

Bioinformatics is now a potent driver of scientific development, complementing wet-lab research in immunology and becoming an essential skill for current and future generations.

The British Society for Immunology offers highly rated online training to equip wet-lab life scientists with the skills and confidence to perform their own bioinformatic data analysis.

‘Further omics, statistics and clinical data in R’ is an advanced course designed for wet-lab immunologists, biologists and other life scientists who have some experience* and would like an in-depth course to:

  • Gain advanced statistical analysis and R skills
  • Explore omic datasets with many experimental groups
  • Explore clinical data in R and combine with omic analysis
  • Work on proteomics, bulk RNA-seq and GeoMx
Do you want to take your omic data analysis and R skills to the next level and raise the impact of your research? Deepen your knowledge and boost your confidence in five online sessions!

This course forms part of a wider bioinformatics training programme, developed and delivered by the Glasgow Bioinformatic Core and offered by the BSI.

Course description

Starting on Monday 15 April 2024, this top-rated course covers:

  • Exploring clinical data in R, including statistics, power calculations and survival curves
  • Linking clinical data to omic datasets
  • Identifying and correcting for batch effects
  • Generating differential expression tables for transcriptomics and proteomics
  • Handling more complex omic datasets with more than two experimental groups. Using overlaps (Venn & Fold vs Fold), and signature analysis (differential, k-means & meta-genes)
  • Advanced R coding techniques such as writing custom functions and using List objects
  • Working with proteomic, RNA-seq and GeoMx datasets

It consists of five online sessions in total, taking place each Monday from 15 April to 13 May.

The course is delivered by John J. Cole, Manager of the Glasgow Bioinformatic Core, and his team of seasoned demonstrators. John’s background as a wet-lab biologist and decades of experience as a bioinformatician and lecturer perfectly positions him to help you master bioinformatics and R skills.

You will get:

  • Digestible classes that fit around your lab schedule – just one day a week on Zoom
  • Low-cost training, significantly more affordable than other courses – only £390 for BSI members 
  • Sought-after skills that will expand your career prospects – add it to your CV!
  • Confidence to carry out complex bioinformatic data processing and analysis of your own, or public datasets

And much more! Here you can download the course outline. Scroll down to see ratings and previous attendees. 


Registration is now closed. 

BSI member £390
Non-member   £780

The British Society for Immunology offers this course at a discount to all BSI members. You can sign up to become a member online. BSI members also benefit from discounts on fees for BSI events, as well as free access to our journals, grants, career development activities and much more.

Rating and reviews

This highly rated programme has had over 1,200 attendees since 2020, with a mean rating of 9.4/10 for content and delivery, and 93% of participants thinking the session length and pace was “about right”, after 332 reviews.

Who signs up for this training?

Wet-lab scientists…

  • Who have attended the first course ‘Omic data analysis and visualisation using R’ or have a comparable level of experience
  • Doing or planning on doing an omic experiment as part of a project
  • Keen to learn R and bioinformatics to advance their career, for example after finishing a PhD or in future post-docs
  • Who need to understand omics in the current literature
  • Who are looking for the practical skills and confidence to handle a lot of associated clinical information or complicated experiments with more than two groups of samples 

Other courses in this training programme

This training programme has several courses, depending on need and experience, starting with an essential course for complete beginners to set the foundations and building on those skills to help you on specific experiments. For example, allowing for specialisation into advanced topics such as single-cell RNA-sequencing. Here you can see the full outline of the programme and guidance on which course is right for you

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The programme has been developed and is delivered by the Glasgow Bioinformatic Core and is being offered by the British Society for Immunology.