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BSI-CIPN: a new professional network for clinical immunology in the UK


We are delighted to have launched the BSI Clinical Immunology Professional Network (BSI-CIPN) – a new network championing clinical immunology within the BSI. The BSI-CIPN was established as a result of the merger between the British Society for Immunology (BSI) and the UK Primary Immunodeficiency Network (UKPIN), which is now successfully complete.

The BSI Clinical Immunology Professional Network (BSI-CIPN) is an integrated and impactful professional network for individuals working within clinical immunology. We provide a strong voice for clinical immunology in policy and public affairs and support the immunology community to network and engage with each other across many disciplines.

In combining the expertise of the BSI and UKPIN, the network will foster closer links between clinical practitioners and basic scientists and strengthen the voice of clinical immunology in policy and public arenas. The BSI-CIPN will also share best practice through a range of resources and activities, including dedicated events, clinical sessions at BSI Congress, development of clinical guidelines, training provision and much more. By providing this strong platform for UK clinical immunology, our ultimate aim is to improve care for patients.

Who’s involved?

The BSI-CIPN’s membership includes over 100 professionals in the clinical immunology space including clinical immunologists, healthcare scientists, allergists, pharmacists and immunology specialist nurses.

The BSI-CIPN Steering Group chaired by Dr Sinisa Savic directs the activities of the network. Dr Savic also sits on the BSI Board of Trustees as a co-opted member to ensure the interests of the BSI-CIPN are represented.

How do I join?

Membership of the BSI-CIPN is open to professionals and medical trainees working within clinical immunology with applications subject to approval from the BSI-CIPN Steering Group. You must be a BSI member to join the BSI-CIPN, however, there is no additional cost to your membership to join the network.

As a BSI member, you can apply to join the BSI-CIPN by going to your dashboard and within the 'More About You' section, clicking 'Yes' to 'Interested in joining the Clinical Immunology Professional Network'. You'll be asked to provide a few words about your current work or career to explain that you are a professional working in clinical immunology.

As part of the BSI-CIPN, you will be able to connect and engage with professionals working across the clinical immunology sector.

Meet the BSI-CIPN Steering Group

Below you can see the members of the BSI-CIPN Steering Group:

  • Dr Sinisa Savic, Chair
  • Dr Suzy Elcombe, Deputy Chair
  • Dr Catherine Stroud, Membership Lead
  • Sarah Denman, Pharmacy Representative
  • Dr Lisa Devlin, Industry Liaison
  • Jill Edmonds, Nursing Representative
  • Dr Kimberly Gilmour, Clinical/ Biomedical Scientist Representative
  • Prof Alex Richter, Guidelines Lead
  • Dr Ravishankar Sargur, Member
  • Dr Patrick Yong, Training & Education Lead
  • Dr Manisha Ahuja, Postgraduate Doctor in Training Representative
  • Position vacant, Patient Group Liaison 
  • Dr James Thaventhiran, Conference Lead (Co-opted member)
  • Dr Austen Worth, Paediatric Representative and PID Registry Representative (Ex-officio member)
  • Dr Claire Bethune, CRG Representative (Ex-officio member)
  • Dr Sarah Goddard, QPIDS Representative (Ex-officio member)

Save the date: BSI-CIPN conference 2023

The 2023 BSI Clinical Immunology Professional Network (BSI-CIPN) conference will take place in person at the ICC Belfast on Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 December 2023 alongside the BSI Congress. This two-day event will offer the opportunity to hear from leading experts on the latest advances in clinical science and patient care and network with colleagues and peers. We are delighted to be supporting the immunology community to network and engage with each other across many disciplines, driving forward scientific discovery and making a positive impact on health together. Find out more here.

Find out more

For further information about how to join the network, visit the BSI-CIPN website section. If you have any questions about how the merger might affect you, please take a look at our FAQs at or get in touch with us by emailing