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FAQs for BSI and UKPIN merger and joining BSI-CIPN

The merger between the BSI and UKPIN has been successfully completed, resulting in the establishment of a new network championing clinical immunology within the BSI, the BSI Clinical Immunology Professional Network.

We understand that both current BSI members and former UKPIN members, as well as others in the immunology community, may have specific questions about how the merger affects them. Here, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions and concerns. If you have any further questions, please email us at

What is happening?

The British Society for Immunology has merged with the UK Primary Immunodeficiency Network (UKPIN). As a result, a better integrated, connected and more visible professional network for clinical immunology known as the BSI Clinical Immunology Professional Network (BSI-CIPN) has been established within the BSI. You can find out more about the work of the BSI-CIPN via the dedicated section on the BSI website.

Why have the organisations merged rather than continuing to collaborate?

The merging of the BSI and UKPIN allows us to more efficiently support the clinical immunology community to network and engage with each other across many disciplines. Neither organisation has been in financial difficulty. This is an opportunity for us to combine our expertise into a single voice for clinical immunology in policy and public affairs, catalyse change and increase impact in our advocacy work and the difference we make for patients.

Will the BSI's name change?

No, we will continue to be known as the British Society for Immunology. However, we have set up a new network within the BSI – the BSI Clinical Immunology Professional Network – to provide our clinical colleagues with a dedicated hub to drive activities and impact in the clinical space. 

How does this affect my BSI membership?

Most BSI members will not experience any changes and all BSI activities will continue to be delivered without disruption. Existing BSI members who work in the clinical sector are encouraged to apply to join the BSI-CIPN

How can I join the BSI-CIPN?

Membership of the BSI-CIPN is open to professionals and medical trainees working within clinical immunology, with applications subject to approval from the BSI-CIPN Steering Group. You must be a BSI member to join the BSI-CIPN; however there is no additional cost to your membership to join the network. Please visit this page for detailed instructions on how to apply to join the BSI-CIPN.

I want to join the BSI so that I can be part of the BSI-CIPN, but I'm not sure what membership category I should join.

Our membership categories showcase different sectors which compose our vibrant community. Information about them can be found here. On the application form you will have to select your sector and career stage. Please check the membership FAQs page if you have any more questions. 

What will happen to the UKPIN conference?

The BSI-CIPN will hold a two-day conference alongside the BSI Congress on on Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 December 2023. Find out more here.

Where will the BSI-CIPN be based?

The staff team at the BSI works remotely. The registered office of the BSI-CIPN is 9 Appold Street, London, EC2A 2AP, the same as that of the BSI.

Please note, it remains the case that there is no one in our office who is medically qualified and we are unable to give any medical advice on immune-related conditions.