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Clinical Immunology Trainee Research Network

Logo of the Clinical Immunology Trainee Research Network

The Clinical Immunology Trainee Research Network (CITRN) is a trainee-led initiative for clinicians and clinical scientists in the UK. Established in 2021 under the umbrella of UKPIN (now merged with the BSI to form the BSI Clinical Immunology Professional Network), it aimed to upscale worthy local clinically-focused projects to a national scale.

The CITRN has provided valuable and clinically relevant information to immunology literature over the last few years. We are passionate about immunology and understand that to meet the needs of the rapidly advancing landscape in which we all work, we will all need to engage in research. We are keen to improve access to research training and experience for all medical and clinical scientist trainees working in a clinical immunology setting.


The CITRN currently meet virtually on a quarterly basis, with our first face-to-face meeting planned alongside the BSI-CIPN Conference this year.

Stay up to date

If you are a member of the BSI-CIPN and wish to receive further updates on CITRN, please ensure that you are signed up to receive communications from the BSI.

Contact: Dr Manisha Ahuja (CITRN Chair)

Dr Manisha Ahuja is a Specialist Registrar at Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals