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Immunology News - December 2021

In the final Immunology News edition of 2021, with only a few days to go until the return of BSI Congress, we discuss the fantastic programme we have in store for you at our flagship event in Edinburgh.

In this issue, we feature an overview of the recently launched BSI strategy 2021-2025, hear from BSI member Dr John Tregoning on his new book Infectious and look forward to the upcoming conference from the BSI Tumour Immunology Affinity Group.

You can also discover key advances in translational immunology from the 55th anniversary of our official journal Clinical & Experimental Immunology and learn how you can be a contributor in upcoming issues of the magazine!

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Infectious: fascinating stories throughout history

Infectious: Pathogens and How We Fight Them is a new popular science book written by BSI member Dr John Tregoning. Here, we find out more about his book and join him in celebrating research efforts in the last hundred years, from immunology and virology to microbiology and epidemiology.

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CEI at 55: Key advances in translational immunology

To celebrate the 55th anniversary of our official journal Clinical & Experimental Immunology, we explore the contribution of the journal to the advancement of immunological knowledge from the perspective of each of CEI’s dedicated Section Editors.

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BSI Congress 2021

With only a few days until the return of our flagship event, we take a look at the fantastic programme we have lined up for you at BSI Congress 2021 in Edinburgh.

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Call for contributions: write about what matters to you

As the BSI membership magazine, Immunology News aims to not only highlight how we’re supporting our members and representing immunology on a wider stage, but also amplify the voice of our membership – and we'd love to hear from you!

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British Society for Immunology strategy 2021–2025

In this article we present our new strategy, developed in close consultation with members, which sets out our vision for immunology and how the BSI will work to achieve this goal over the next five years.

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Checkpoint Blockade: a BSI Tumour Immunology Group conference

Here, committee members of the BSI's Tumour Immunology Group tell you more about their upcoming Checkpoint Blockade conference, taking place on 23 March 2022 in Birmingham.

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Having effective conversations about COVID-19 vaccines: a community engagement approach

Here, our Public Engagement Manager, Erika Aquino discusses our recent community engagement project in partnership with the London Borough of Bexley to amplify our mission to increase public understanding of the importance of COVID-19 vaccination.

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