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BSI Summer School

The BSI Summer School is a residential event aimed at introducing trainee immunologists to the basics of immunology, building their knowledge on some of the key areas of research going on in the field.

A multi-day event, it consists of lectures, discussions, and presentations with some of the leading immunology researchers in the country. Speakers are asked to give up as much of their time as possible to ensure attendees have the opportunity to interact and network with them during the sessions as well as during more informal social events in the evenings.

The Summer School is an ideal opportunity for people undertaking their PhD and for new postdocs to enhance their immunology knowledge and have valuable time interacting with senior scientists working within the field.

The lectures cover many of the key areas of immunology and act as masterclasses on a particular topic. In addition, there are opportunities to develop other skills such as networking or grant writing, and to practice your presentation skills via lightning talk sessions. 

BSI Summer School usually takes place in July and is led by the BSI Education & Careers Secretary.