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A History of Immunology in 60 Objects

Immunology in 60 days


To help mark our 60th anniversary we asked our members throughout 2016 to come up with suggestions for a list of objects, or things, through which the story of immunology and its history can be told. We took many submissions and compiled them into a final list of 60 below.

When we talk about objects we don’t necessarily mean something tangible that can be touched or held in the hand. What we really mean is something that represents a seminal step-change in our understanding of immunology and its practice. We start with Jenner and his validation of vaccination in 1796, through the early theories of how infections were caused and could be prevented, to the different pieces of equipment or experimental models that were crucial in understanding the components and function of the immune system. 

Think we’ve missed something? Let us know on twitter using the hashtag #60objects

Writing Credit: Steve Connor