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BSI EDI activity grants: case studies

The BSI Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) activity grants are competitive grants designed to help organisations and individuals fund activities and events that promote diversity and inclusion across the immunology community and the wider biomedical sciences. These ambitious and inspiring activities should aim to accelerate culture change and promote visibility with respect to equality, diversity and inclusion. 

Here we showcase a series of case studies from awardees from the 2021 round of the grant. The full list of winners can be found here

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Decolonising and diversifying the immunology curriculum

In summer 2021, Dr Bronwen Burton and Dr Caroline McKinnon ran their first decolonising and diversifying project on the biomedical curricula at the University of Bristol. 

‘It is vital that we do not perpetuate long-held inequalities in our teaching, and that we empower our students to think critically as they become the next generation of immunologists.’

Inclusive Research Showcase

In spring 2022, Dr Harriet Groom and colleagues from the University of Cambridge ran an event centred around the lack of diversity in STEM research, highlighting the people they are researching rather than focussing on the researchers themselves.

"It is also an opportunity for underrepresented communities to feel included and seen.” 

Characters with puzzle pieces

Harnessing the experience of a lifelong career in immunology

In spring 2022, Professor Jayne Hope, Dr Omar Alfituri, Dr Sean Wattegedera and Professor Gary Entrican organised a workshop looking into harnessing the inherited knowledge of late-career immunologists for the collective benefit of themselves, their colleagues and their organisations. Invited speakers: Professor Ann Ager and Professor Liz Glass.

"Schemes that support and reward late-career immunologists for mentoring colleagues who are earlier in their careers were welcomed at all levels."