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BSI Yorkshire Immunology Group Symposium

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St James's University Hospital, Leeds, UK
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Promoting immunology research in the Yorkshire counties

We are pleased to announce that the BSI Yorkshire Immunology Group will be hosting a half-day meeting to showcase immunology research in Yorkshire on Wednesday 7 June 2023. The meeting will feature a broad range of topics presented by established group leaders and junior scientists from across the region. The meeting will include a closing keynote address and opportunities to network with members of the Yorkshire immunology community.

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12:30–13:00 | Registration

Session 1

13:00–13:25 | Professor Ulf Klein (University of Leeds): Molecular control of the germinal centre B cell reaction

13:25–13:50 | Professor Penny Ottewell (University of Sheffield): Oestrogen inhibits anti tumour effects of bisphosphonates in premenopausal women through immune cell regulated mechanisms

13:50–14:15 | Dr Dave Boucher (University of York): Killing the killer: Impact of inflammasome signalling on human NK cells

14:15–14:30 | Flash talks

  • Charlotte Wynn (Leeds): The effect of chronic hepatitis C virus on the immunogenicity of hepatocellular carcinoma
  • Alexandros Chatzis (York): Myeloid cell phagocytosis as a modulator of tumour suppression
  • Jiabao Zhou (Sheffield): IL-1B regulates immune response in breast cancer

14:30–15:00 | Coffee / Networking

Session 2

15:00–15:25 | Professor Graham Cook (University of Leeds): Turning on and turning off natural killer cells

15:25–15:50 | Dr Nikolaos Georgopoulos (University of Huddersfield): Mechanisms of tumour specific immunogenic cell death by non canonical pro apoptotic TNF receptors

15:50–16:15 | Professor Craig Murdoch (University of Sheffield): Fabrication of medicated adhesive patches to combat inflammatory mucosal disease

16:15 –16:30 | Flash talks

  • Samuel Heaton (Leeds): Histone deacetylase inhibitors boost reovirus immunotherapy in multiple myeloma
  • Dr Nidhi Dey (York): Immune checkpoint molecules IDO1 and PDL1 identify distinct niches in leishmania infected skin lesions
  • Dr Asma El Howati (Sheffield): Development of a tissue engineered in vitro oral mucosal model of T cell disease

16:30–16:50 | Coffee / Networking

Session 3

16:50–17:30 | Keynote speaker

Professor Mark Travis (University of Manchester): Regulation of mucosal immunity by integrins and TGF beta


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