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From the Laboratory to the Clinic: 25 Years of Biological Therapy

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Trinity College, Oxford, UK
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Join the prestigious annual translational research conference “From the Laboratory to the Clinic”, this coming August. Established in 1984 and guided by an esteemed international committee of leading Immunologists, the conference has been the cornerstone of ground-breaking discoveries and scientific exchange for over three decades.

In 2024, the organising committee proudly commemorate a milestone: the 25th anniversary of "biologicals" revolutionising medicine. From monoclonal antibodies to Ig fusion proteins, these game-changing therapies were first approved in 1998/1999, heralding a new era in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's disease, and HER-2 positive breast cancer. At this conference in 1992 the first major clinical success, infliximab in treatment resistant rheumatoid arthritis was reported by Ravinder Maini, who described startling results of the first 9 patients, over a year before publication.

Hosted by the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, University of Oxford, the conference fosters invaluable interactions between academic researchers, pharmaceutical pioneers, and clinical trailblazers. Over the years, the conference has facilitated scientific exchange leading to new collaborations and scientific progress in the translational research space.

This year there is an unparalleled line-up of speakers, pioneers and leaders of innovation in immunology.

Visit the conference website to see the programme, read about the speakers and to register. 

Numbers are limited, so please register early to avoid disappointment. There are discounts available for academic attendees and PhD students, please email the organisers to obtain a discount code. Get in touch with Charlotte Bell if you have any questions or need help registering.