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Immunology News - June 2022

The summer issue of Immunology News is a special edition marking the launch of our new Diversity & Inclusion framework where we lay out how we are going to work with our members and community to progress our equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) work.

You can also learn more about the amazing EDI activities being carried out by our members. Read about how The STEM Village is inspiring and embracing LGBTQ+ people in STEM, the value of exploring the experiences of senior immunologists to benefit our community and an important inclusive research event.

To help you understand how we fund the vital support for our members and secure the Society’s future, this issue features an article with insights on the BSI finances.

Additionally, you can read other interesting articles from our members and meet our new BSI committee members including our President-elect.

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Cover of the British Society for Immunology diversity and inclusion framework featuring different coloured blocks and diverse characters dressed as construction workers as part of 'work in progress' concept

Our Diversity & Inclusion framework

We're delighted to introduce our new Diversity & Inclusion framework, part of our five-year strategic plan.

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Harnessing the values of EDI for supporting lifelong careers in immunology

In this article, BSI members discuss the importance of channelling the knowledge of late-career immunologists to benefit individuals, organisations and those earlier in their careers.

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The STEM Village: inspiring & embracing LGBTQ+ people in STEM

Dr Matthew Sinton, founder of The STEM Village talks about how the platform was founded, some of the challenges faced by the community and what he wants to accomplish with the seminar series.

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Inclusive research: making science represent all individuals

BSI member Dr Harriet Groom discusses a workshop she organised to highlight the importance of research cohorts being representative of all individuals. 

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BSI finances explained: how we fund vital support for our members

In this article, our Finance Director, Otto Balsiger, spotlights how the Society is funded and our plans to maintain its financial health over the next five years.

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Future Focus: Effective time management with ‘deep work’

In this piece, BSI member Dr Carolyn Nielsen gives an overview of the ‘deep work’ time management system and explains how it has helped her juggle priorities in her research career.

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What diabetes means to us: patient stories and impactful research

Researchers at the Cardiff Diabetes Research Group share how they celebrated the centenary of the discovery of insulin, by developing a creative public engagement project.

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BSI Midlands Immunology Group: building a wide-reaching community

Co-chairs of the BSI Midlands Immunology Group tell us how they are widening their geographical scope, discuss their exciting ongoing activities and explain how you can get involved.

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Eric Braham Bell, BA, VMD, PhD 1939–2022

The BSI was saddened to learn about the recent death of our Honorary Member, Dr Eric Braham Bell. He led the British Society for Immunology as General Secretary from 2001 to 2005 and made significant contributions to the field over decades.

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