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BSI Midlands Immunology Group Symposium 2023

BSI event
River Soar in Leicester
College Court Conference Centre, Leicester, UK
In person
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Showcasing the best immunology research across the Midlands

We are excited to announce that the BSI Midlands Immunology Group will be hosting their annual symposium in Leicester on Thursday 8 June 2023. The event will cover the broad and exciting immunology research that is being undertaken across the Midlands region.

Abstract submission is now closed.

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09:00–10:00 | Registration  

10:00–10:05 | Welcome

Session 1: Innate Immunity

Chairs: Dr David Bending, University of Birmingham, UK and Georgina Hopkins, University of Nottingham, UK

10:05–10:35 | Professor James Brewer, University of Glasgow, UK, KEYNOTE SPEAKER
Vaccine Adjuvants: where they go, how they get there, what they do and why should you care?

10:35–10:45 | Professor Marco Oggioni, University of Leicester, UK (Selected short talk)
A role for human splenic tissue macrophages during the earliest phases of invasive disease

10:45–10:55 | Ebrima Bojang, University of Birmingham, UK (Selected short talk)
Vancomycin disrupts macrophage antifungal immunity

10:55–11:15 | Dr Rebecca Drummond, University of Birmingham, UK  (Invited speaker)
Brain-specific immune responses during fungal meningitis

11:15–11:50 | Refreshment break  

Session 2: Translational Immunology

Chairs: Professor Lucy Fairclough, University of Nottingham, UK and Dr Martin Davey, University of Warwick, UK

11:50–12:20 | Professor Menna Clatworthy, University of Cambridge, UK, KEYNOTE SPEAKER
Tales of tissue immunity

12:20–12:30 | Dr Danai Bagkou Dimakou, University of Birmingham, UK (Selected short talk)
Complement and inflammatory marker analysis in women with obstetric antiphospholipid syndrome (OAPS)

12:30–12:40 | Dr Scott P Davies, University of Birmingham, UK (Selected short talk)
Large E-cadherin+ CD103+ CD8+ T cells invade biliary epithelial cells through interactions with β-catenin

12:40–13:00 | Dr Luisa Martinez-PomaresUniversity of Nottingham, UK  (Invited speaker)
Sulfation at glycopolymer side chains switches activity at the macrophage mannose receptor (CD206) in vitro and in vivo; implications for CD206-targeted therapies

13:00–14:30 | Lunch, exhibition and poster session from 13:45 to 14:30

Session 3: Adaptive Immunity

Chairs: Dr Rebecca Drummond, University of Birmingham, UK and Dr Zhi Li, University of Birmingham, UK

14:30–15:00 | Professor David Sansom, University College London, UK, KEYNOTE SPEAKER
Differences between CD80 and CD86 affect both the CTLA-4 and PD-1 checkpoints

15:00–15:10 | Dr Lozan Sheriff, University of Birmingham, UK (Selected short talk)
Blockade of lag3 synergizes responses to anti-PD-L1 through increasing duration of T cell receptor signalling

15:10–15:20 | Dr Joy Edwards-Hicks, University of Cambridge, UK (Selected short talk)
Phosphoinositide acyl chain saturation drives CD8+ effector T cell signaling and function

15:20–15:40 | Dr Judith Ramage, University of Nottingham, UK (Invited speaker)
Activated tissue-resident memory T-cells (CD8+CD103+CD39+) uniquely predict survival in left sided “immune-hot” colorectal cancers

15:45–16:00 | Closing remarks and prizes

16:00–17:00 | Networking reception

17:00 | Close


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