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CARINA Governance

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CARINA Network Management Group


Arne Akbar

Professor Arne Akbar

Professor of Immunology, University College London

Principal Investigator, Network Director, and Chair of the CARINA Network Management Group 

Arne Akbar is Professor of Immunology at University College London. He leads a large research group that examines T cells and their effects on immunity in ageing humans. His work frequently involves collaboration between academic researchers, industry, and clinical practice. Arne leads the CARINA Network’s Management Group.

Professor Deborah Dunn-Walters

Professor Deborah Dunn-Walters

Professor of Immunology, University of Surrey 

Co-Investigator, Co-Director of the Network, and member of the CARINA Network Management Group

Deborah Dunn-Walters is Professor of Immunology at the University of Surrey and a trustee of the BSI. Her group studies B cell development and age-related changes to immunity. She regularly collaborates with international laboratories and has chaired a number of international conferences on ageing and immunity.

Professor Janet Lord

Professor Janet Lord

Professor of Immune Cell Biology, University of Birmingham 

Co-Investigator and member of the CARINA Network Management Group 

Janet Lord is the Director of the MRC-Versus Arthritis Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research and Professor of Immune Cell Biology at the University of Birmingham. Her research focusses on immunity in old age and is aimed at creating novel therapies to improve immunity in older adults.

Dr Ed Chambers

Dr Ed Chambers

Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics, Imperial College London 

Co-Investigator, ECR Lead, and member of the CARINA Network Management Group

Ed Chambers is a lecturer in nutrition and dietetics at Imperial College London. His research aims to advance understanding of nutritional intervention in health and disease. He chairs the Early Career Researcher group and represents their interests to the management board.

Professor Neil Mabbott

Professor Neil Mabbott

Professor of Immunopathology, University of Edinburgh

Co-Investigator and member of the CARINA Network Management Group 

Neil Mabbott is a professor in Immunopathology at the University of Edinburgh. His main research interest is host-pathogen interactions in the mucosal immune system. He leads on the CARINA Network’s discussions relating to the probing of existing and new large datasets related to ageing.

Headshot of Ross Breckenbridge on black background

Dr Ross Breckenridge

CEO, Arjuna Therapeutics 

Member of the CARINA Network Management Group 

Ross Breckenridge is the Chief Executive Officer at Arjuna Therapeutics. 

CARINA Network Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board is responsible for providing independent advice to the Management Board of CARINA. Its members include immunologists, clinicians, representatives from patient and public groups and the charity sector. This Board will ensure that network activity is as inclusive and interdisciplinary as possible. The members are as follows:

Dr Lorna Chernajovsky (chair) - Lorna & Yuti Chernajovsky Biomedical Research Foundation

Dr Yvonne Dombrowski - Queen’s University Belfast  

Dr Tom Freeman - Janssen Immunology 

Professor Lorna Harries - University of Exeter

Robert Jasper - PPI representative

Dr Joanna Jenkinson - GW4 Alliance 

Susan Kay - Dunhill Medical Trust 

Debs Smith - PPI representative 

Professor Claire Stewart - Liverpool John Moores University 

British Society for Immunology 

The British Society for Immunology is delighted to be a supporting partner of the CARINA Network. This support takes a number of forms:

  • Our president Professor Arne Akbar, is chair of the CARINA Management Board, which will deliver important oversight of the network
  • Ensuring that the views of patients and the public influence the priorities of the network through a patient public involvement (PPI) for CARINA
  • Providing involved project management for the planning towards and delivery of important milestones
  • Responsibility for communicating the progress of the network with key audiences

The BSI's mission is to support our immunology community in driving scientific discovery and making a positive impact on health. Through our involvement in CARINA we aim to support a sector-wide transformation in our approach to ageing research, by creating an inclusive, collaborative space that will be able to address the key research questions in immune ageing in the years to come.


The following BSI team members are providing support to the CARINA network:

Doug Brown - Chief Executive

Jennie Evans - Director of External Affairs, responsible for delivery of BSI involvement in the CARINA Network

Ben Wilcock - Research Partnerships Manager, project manager for the CARINA Network

Laura Anderson - Communications Officer, responsible for external communications for the CARINA Network 

Jane Sessenwein - Head of Conferences and Events, providing events support for CARINA Network meetings