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Immunology News - March 2020

In the first Immunology News of 2020, we are delighted to showcase the fantastic work our members are doing in an increasingly critical topic: reducing their carbon footprint in the lab. This issue also features the new aims and scope for our official journal, Clinical & Experimental Immunology, as well as updates from the team on our finances, recent policy work and our exciting ‘Celebrate Vaccines’ project highlighting the importance of vaccinations and immunology research in improving global public health.

Additionally, we bring you highlights from the hugely successful BSI Congress 2019, which took place in December and was attended by over 1,300 delegates.

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How is your Society funded?

Here, our Finance Director, Otto Balsiger, discusses how the Society is funded focusing on our spending and corresponding income to examine how we can expand in the next five years.


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The carbon footprint of science: How can we 'go green' in our labs?

Kym Bain from the ECOgroup for the University of Glasgow, Institute of Infection, Immunity & Inflammation, discusses some easy changes you can make to reduce your lab’s carbon footprint.


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CEI: Introducing the new aims and scope

Our official journal, CEI, is pleased to share with you an updated vision and scope focusing on subject-specific sections within the journal.

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BSI policy work update

Our Policy and Public Affairs Manager, Matthew Gibbard, reviews the current political situation and the last few months of policy work.

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Future focus: BiteSized immunology

BiteSized Immunology is a comprehensive guide to the immune system, approaching the topic via punchy, easy-to-digest entries that outline major learning points.

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Vincenzo (Enzo) Cerundolo FRS 1964 – 2020

Enzo has been part of the BSI for three decades, greatly contributing to the field as an active member since 1990, being involved with the BSI Oxford Immunology Group and speaking at numerous events.

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Leslie Baruch Brent 1925 - 2019

Leslie had been a member of the British Society for Immunology for over 60 years, making significant contributions to the field over decades.

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Celebrating vaccine research

We're launching several projects to highlight the importance of vaccination in improving global public health. Discover how you can show your support.

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