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BSI Regional and Affinity Group Carers' Grant

The British Society for Immunology is proud to offer a BSI Regional and Affinity Group Carers’ Grant to support members with carer needs in attending BSI Regional or Affinity Group conferences. The grant can be used to help cover the cost of care arrangements during the conference, for example, to look after children, or for additional care for the applicant themselves during the conference. This grant is open to all categories of membership.

BSI Medical Elective Grant

The British Society for Immunology is offering financial support to medical students who are planning to undertake a formal immunology-related placement in a selected laboratory for their medical elective. To be considered for support by the BSI, you must be a BSI undergraduate member and the placement must have immunological relevance.

Please note that prior to July 2021, this award was part of the BSI Skills Development Awards.


The BSI London Immunology Group is pleased to bring you their annual meeting in collaboration with the BSI Neuroimmunology Affinity Group. This meeting will showcase areas where the immune system interacts with the neuronal and stromal compartments to maintain tissue homeostasis and to orchestrate tissue responses to infectious and inflammatory challenges.