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Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Immunology

The University of Surrey is an international university with a world-class teaching and research profile and an enterprising spirit.

This post constitutes an important addition to the Section of Immunology, in the Department of Biochemical Sciences, one of four departments in the School that is home to 85 academic staff. In the most recent UK Research Excellence Framework, they were ranked eighth out of 94 institutions in the Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing, and Pharmacy category.

Assistant Professor

The Molecular Biology Department at Princeton University invites applications in Immunology for a tenure-track faculty position at the Assistant Professor level. They are seeking an outstanding investigator using innovative approaches to study fundamental biological questions in the area of immunology, including but not limited to molecular or cellular immunology, adaptive or innate immunity, host-microbe interactions, hematopoiesis, systems immunology, and tumor immunology.

Research Associate in Immunology

You will work on a project that aims to unravel important mechanisms that contribute to inflammatory bowel disease in humans. Work is based on our previous findings that monocytes and macrophages in the intestine of patients with active inflammatory bowel disease have diminished expression of a key cell surface receptor called integrin αvβ8, which is a crucial activator of the anti-inflammatory cytokine TGFβ.

Research Associate in Immunology

You will work on a project that aims to unravel a novel mechanism in the control of memory T cell function during viral re-infection. It is based on exciting results from our preliminary studies, which show that a subset of CD4+ memory T cells selectively express an integrin, αvβ8, which allows them to activate the cytokine TGF-β. These cells appear to suppress CD8+ T cell function and clearance of a respiratory viral pathogen.

Research Fellow

School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences is currently seeking to appoint an exceptional candidate to the post of Research Fellow, to be a highly productive, ambitious, and collaborative member of the Inflammasome Biology research team led by Dr Rebecca Coll located at the Wellcome-Wolfson institute for Experimental Medicine. The position will involve working as part of a BBSRC-funded research programme to characterise the fundamental biology of the inflammasome sensor NLRP3.