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Grants and Prizes

What does the BSI offer?

The BSI supports the work of BSI members and immunologists generally by offering a range of support in the form of grants, awards and prizes. These provide financial support, enabling individuals to further their careers, research interests, and knowledge, as well as affording them recognition amongst their peers for their contributions to immunology. 

The major schemes supported by the BSI are listed below. Please follow the links to find out more.

BSI Career Enhancing Grants

The BSI is proud to launch a new grant scheme to provide flexible financial support for any type of career-related activity that will help you build your skillset and advance your professional development. 

BSI Regional and Affinity Groups Conference Travel Grant

The BSI will support the travel costs for eligible members who wish to attend in-person meetings hosted by our BSI Regional and Affinity Groups.

BSI Regional and Affinity Groups Carers' Grant

The BSI is proud to offer a BSI Regional and Affinity Groups Carers’ Grant. This grant provides members with up to £200 to support them in attending a BSI Regional or Affinity Group conference with the aim of contributing towards additional costs of care when attending the conference.

BSI Conference Travel Grant

As part of its role as a charitable organisation, the BSI provides support to members to facilitate their attendance at scientific conferences, seminars and workshops in the UK and around the world. 

BSI Summer School 2022 Carers’ Grant

The BSI is proud to offer a BSI Summer School 2022 Carers’ Grant. This grant provides members with up to £300 to support them in attending a BSI Summer School 2022 in Coventry with the aim of contributing towards additional costs of care when attending the event.

Immunology Teaching Excellence Award

Do you know an inspiring UK-based immunology teacher? Why not nominate them and show your support?

BSI Medical Elective Grant

The BSI is offering financial support to medical students who are planning to undertake a formal immunology-related placement in a selected laboratory for their medical elective. 

Equality, diversity and inclusion activity grants

The aim of the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion activity grants is to bring together people from different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to support innovation and research through a diversity of ideas and solve challenges faced by the immunology community and the wider world. 

Communicating Immunology

The aims of the BSI's Communicating Immunology grants are to stimulate interest, discussion and understanding of immunology amongst a wider audience, support formal and informal learning about immunology, target a wide range of audiences, with a particular interest in reaching new or traditionally hard to reach audiences.

Immunology Undergraduate Prizes

This scheme is intended both to promote excellence in the study of immunology at undergraduate level, and to encourage gifted students to pursue further postgraduate study, or a career in immunology.

Connect Immune Research lab placement grant

Connect Immune Research is a partnership between JDRF, the MS Society, Versus Arthritis and the British Society for Immunology to bring about a joined-up approach to autoimmune research.  Our lab placement grants provide financial support to undertake a formal placement at a selected laboratory to learn a new skill/technique or to carry out experiments essential to a project.

Prizes at Society Events

The British Society for Immunology offers a number of prizes for oral communications and poster presentations at the annual BSI Congress and at other events held by our Regional and Affinity Groups.