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Childhood vaccines

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A guide to childhood vaccinations

Our guide provides easy-to-understand and evidence-based information on common questions about vaccinations that are given to children.

What is Celebrate Vaccines?

Celebrate Vaccines is the British Society for Immunology's campaign to champion the critical role of vaccination and vaccine research in advancing global health. Our goal is to use the expert voice of the immunology community to strengthen public understanding of vaccines, supporting everyone to make informed decisions about vaccination.

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This Celebrate Vaccines report explores the UK's historic contribution to vaccine research, as well as future challenges to vaccine development for existing and emerging diseases.

Our animations explain how vaccines work to protect you against disease and their positive impact in improving global health.

Discover our public resources to use and share, including interactive and educational activities.

Do you want to be part of the #CelebrateVaccines movement? We have a range of resources you can use to show your support and engage others in the fundamental role of vaccines in improving global health.

Explore our infographics explaining different aspects of how vaccines work to protect against disease and the ingredients found in vaccines. There's also information about the Polio vaccination and importance of boosters.