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Vaccine resources in different languages

At the British Society for Immunology, we aim to provide reliable, evidence-based information on immunity, COVID-19 and vaccines to everyone who needs or wants it.

We believe it is important to understand and address concerns that are prominent in public discussion to help everyone make informed decisions about vaccines and their health. To be more accessible to diverse communities as part of this effort, we have translated some of our educational resources on immunity, COVID-19 and vaccines into different languages, including Arabic, French, German, Greek, Irish, Italian, Kurdish, Lithuanian, Polish, Spanish, Swahili, TurkishUkrainian, Welsh and Yiddish.

You can download, print and share these translated resources with your community and on social media tagging @britsocimm to help strengthen public understanding. Click through the links below to discover more!

All of the information that has been translated can be found in English on our Celebrate Vaccines infographics page and in our guide to vaccinations for COVID-19. 

If you are interested in translating these resources into another language, please email Please do not translate these resources without our permission.