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A guide to vaccinations for COVID-19

A guide to vaccinations for COVID19

At the British Society for Immunology, we aim to provide reliable, evidence-based information on COVID-19 vaccines and immunity to everyone who needs or wants it.

We know that you may have specific questions regarding COVID-19 vaccines and that’s why we have created a free, easy to read guide on vaccinations for COVID-19 for a public audience.

The guide explains how vaccines work and answers your common questions as well as providing up-to-date information on the current approved COVID-19 vaccinations in the UK. 

This guide was written in January 2021 and last updated in October 2023 and is accurate at the time of publishing. Information will be updated as it becomes available. 

The full reference list for the guide can be found here.

Download, print and share our poster to direct people to our guide! The poster has the website link and QR code, suitable to be displayed at vaccination centres, GP surgeries and hospitals where people will be receiving their vaccination. 

Download our guide to vaccinations for COVID-19 (PDF)  (1 MB)
Download our guide to vaccinations for COVID-19 (PDF)  (1 MB)