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COVID-19 vaccine videos

This webinar, recording in March 2022, examines the latest information for people with immunodeficiency living through the pandemic. 

This webinar from September 2021 examines what we know about effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines in people with weakened immune systems. 

Our video Q&A sessions about vaccines for COVID-19 that were developed via our Instagram channel. 

This video covers questions and concerns that younger adults may have about COVID-19 vaccines.

Watch our short animation explaining why we need multiple doses of a vaccine.

Watch our three-part animated series for public audiences on the human immune system and how immune memories form in response to infections like COVID-19.

Here you will find Q&A videos about COVID-19 vaccines and fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding and the menstrual cycle.

This video explores the immune response to variants, COVID-19 in children, protection from infection after vaccination.