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COVID-19 immunology Q&A with UK-CIC

The British Society for Immunology has partnered with the UK Coronavirus Immunology Consortium (UK-CIC) for a Q&A on COVID-19 and the immune system. We took questions from the public on our Instagram channel and put them to expert scientist Professor Alex Richter, clinical immunologist at the University of Birmingham and UK-CIC researcher. In this video, Alex explores the immune response to variants, COVID-19 in children, protection from infection after vaccination, important questions still unanswered about COVID-19 and much more.

The UK-CIC is looking at how the immune system interacts with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, as well as after vaccination. Find out more about the research conducted by UK-CIC and resources for the public to learn more about COVID-19 on their website.

Knowledge of COVID-19 immunology and vaccines will continue to evolve and this video and answers are accurate at the time of recording, 2 September 2021.  

YouTube Video