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Polio vaccination

On this page you will find an infographic exploring how polio spreads, the symptoms of polio, and why vaccination is the best protection against disease and reducing the spread of the virus. This graphic also explains why polio catch up vaccinations are being offered to children living in London, aged 1 to 11, and the importance of being up to date with routine childhood vaccinations.

We know carers and parents may have questions regarding the polio vaccination. By addressing these questions the BSI hopes to provide reliable information that helps everyone make informed decisions about vaccines. Scroll down to discover more, click the download link to print the graphic or share on social media tagging @britsocimm to help strengthen public understanding. 

The information in this infographic is accurate at the time of publishing in April 2023.

Polio vaccination explained


Download this infographic PDF (for printing) (120 KB)
Download this infographic PDF (for printing) (120 KB)

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