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Immunology nursing competency framework

The British Society for Immunology Clinical Immunology Professional Network (BSI-CIPN) is delighted to present this competency framework for immunology nursing in the UK.

Working together as part of the BSI-CIPN, a project group of ten Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Specialists and Nurse Consultants working in Immunology around the UK have written this framework outlining the breadth of the Immunology nurse‚Äôs role. It covers the core skills and knowledge expected of an immunology nurse working towards expert practice, from newly entering into the speciality to undertaking nurse-led clinics.

This document was first published in May 2023. A review will take place five years after the date of publication.

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About the BSI Clinical Immunology Professional Network

The BSI-CIPN fully represents all aspects of clinical immunology practice in the UK. Formed from a merger with the UK Primary Immunodeficiency Network, we aim to deliver increased support for the immunology clinical community to network and engage across many disciplines, building closer links between clinical practitioners and basic scientists. We also work to strengthen the voice of clinical immunology in policy and the public arena to increase the impact of our work in advocating for the care of patients with immunodeficiencies. Find out more and join the network.