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Ink breath lungs

Ink Lungs
Ink lungs created by visitors

Activity: Visitors create mini artworks on paper by blowing onto ink through a straw

Aim: To show that that the lung has a branched structure similar to the way the inks branch out on paper.

How to make:

  • Order different colours of 'Drawing Ink' online or buy from a craft shop.
  • Buy multicoloured straws and cut them  in half so they are around 4-5cm long.
  • Buy multicoloured card or thick paper - light colours work best.
  • Print off a diagram of a lung - make sure the bronchioles are clear.


What to do: Visitors should use the straw to put a spot of ink on the paper by holding the straw in the ink and creating a vacuum by putting their finger over the other end of the straw. Visitors should then blow through the straw and guide the ink to travel up the paper to make as many 'branches' as possible.

This is a fun art activity but relies on the demonstrator to link the relevance of this activity to the biology of breathing. Use a laminated diagram of lungs to help you explain what the inside of the lungs looks like.


This activity needs to be supervised at all times. Make sure you have wipes available for visitors to clean any ink on their hands.