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Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy Virtual Issue

In celebration of World Cancer Day 2021, the British Society for Immunology is pleased to present a new Virtual Issue on cancer immunology and immunotherapy.

Knowledge of the mechanisms by which the immune system interacts with cancer as it develops is increasing rapidly. From this field, cancer immunotherapy has emerged as one of the most exciting and promising approaches to treating cancer. These developments have translated into medical breakthroughs for many cancer patients, although the high prevalence of non-responders and adverse reactions reveals that there are still significant challenges to overcome.

In this Virtual Issue we have collected together some of the recent articles from the BSI's official journals Clinical & Experimental Immunology and Immunotherapy Advanceswhich highlight key topics in the field and cutting-edge research into cancer immunology. The collection features research and reviews on topics such as CAR-T cell therapies, cancer vaccination, regulatory T cells and checkpoint inhibition-induced adverse events.

All articles have been published in 2019 and 2020 and are free to read online.

We hope you enjoy reading this collection of articles and we encourage you to share this using the hashtag #WorldCancerDay and looping in @CEIjournal and @IMTadvances.

Figure from Isotype selection for antibody‐based cancer therapy

Immunotherapy Advances

Gary Middleton
G Sugiyarto, D Prossor, O Dadas, E D Arcia-Anaya, T Elliott & E James


Clinical & Experimental Immunology

J. Obajdin, D. M. Davies & J. Maher
N. Vukovic, A. van Elsas, J. S. Verbeek & D. M. W. Zaiss
P. Urwyler, I. Earnshaw, M. Bermudez, E. Perucha, W. Wu, S. Ryan, L. Mcdonald, S. N. Karagiannis, L. S. Taams, N. Powell, A. Cope & S. Papa
Figure from Protective low avidity anti-tumour CD8+ T cells are selectively attenuated by regulatory T cells
K. Li, Q. Guo, X. Zhang, X. Dong, W. Liu, A. Zhang, Y. Li, J. Yan, G. Jia, Z. Zheng, W. Tang, L. Pan, M. An, B. Zhang, S. Liu & B. Fu
A. Zayas‐Santiago, A. Díaz‐García, R. Nuñez‐Rodríguez & M. Inyushin
H. J. Close, L. F. Stead, J. Nsengimana, K. A. Reilly, A. Droop, H. Wurdak, R. K. Mathew, R. Corns, J. Newton‐Bishop, A. A. Melcher, S. C. Short, G. P. Cook & E. B. Wilson



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Immunotherapy Advances

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