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Nominations Committee

The BSI's Nominations Committee has general oversight concerning the structures and effectiveness of BSI Board of Trustees, committees, advisers and observers. It is also responsible for nominating individuals to represent the views of the BSI on external committees and to identify BSI members to nominate for external awards. The Terms of Reference of the Committee are available here. Membership of the Nominations Committee is drawn from the BSI's Board of Trustees, with the BSI CEO invited as an observer. To contact the Nominations Committee, please email

Current members

Tracy Hussell
Chair of Nominations Committee and BSI President
Jim Brewer
BSI Forum Chair and Trustee
Robert Davies
BSI Co-opted Trustee
Matthias Eberl
BSI Trustee
Edith Hessel BSI Co-opted Trustee
Teresa Lambe
BSI Trustee
Doug Brown
BSI CEO (observer)