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Read previous editions of Immunology News, the BSI's membership publication, published quarterly and distributed free to members.

Immunology News - November 2023

Immunology News cover
In the last Immunology News edition of 2023, we show you what to look forward to at BSI Congress and the BSI-CIPN conference, including exciting sessions, unique networking opportunities and tips to make the most of your time at our conferences.

This issue features an editorial from Professor Tracy Hussell, as she looks back on her first year as BSI President, the wider work of the Society and shares some of her highlights. Additionally, you can read about the key recommendations from our report on vaccine-induced immunogenicity to strengthen the UK’s pandemic preparedness, as well as the successes and future plans of the CARINA Network.

We also share some fantastic stories from our members, including a lab placement in New York, the Edinburgh Immunology EDI Summer School and much more!
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Immunology News - September 2023

Immunology News September 2023 cover
In this autumn edition, you can get to know various BSI members involved in our activities, including the recently revamped Editorial Advisory Board for this magazine who work hard to ensure the breadth of interests of our membership are represented, and our new BSI Trustees who ensure that the Society is well run.

You can also discover more exciting details about BSI Congress 2023, our flagship immunology conference, and the BSI-CIPN Conference 2023, our must-attend event for those working in clinical immunology organised by the BSI Clinical Immunology Professional Network (BSI-CIPN).

In our features section, you can read an article by Professor Allison Green on her experience being deaf and having a career in immunology, and learn about the winners of the BSI Immunology Teaching Excellence Award, Dr Sophie Rutschmann and Professor Tom Wilkinson, who are recognised for their work supporting the next generation of immunologists.
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Immunology News - June 2023

Immunology News membership magazine June 2023 cover
In the summer edition of Immunology News, we are proud to shine a light on exceptional immunologists transforming the sector. We look back at our inaugural BSI Immunology Awards, both at the inspiring event and ceremony, and at the winners whose work is delivering positive outcomes for health in a variety of ways. We are also pleased to introduce immunologists who will help us continue our mission – the incoming BSI committee members!

In this issue, you can learn more about our recent report calling for a focus on immunogenicity for better public health. Then you can delve into the world of patient and public involvement with our reflections on our recent work for National Core Studies Immunity, including our new training programme designed to introduce researchers into the area.

This issue also features our new group for immunology educators, the BSI Teaching Affinity Group, and our new network for clinical immunology, the BSI-CIPN.
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Immunology News - March 2023

Immunology News March 2023
In the spring edition of Immunology News, you can hear from our new President, Professor Tracy Hussell, on how she will work with our wonderful committees and membership to keep the Society going from strength to strength over the next four years. You can help shape this crucial work by standing for one of the positions on our committees and electing your representatives – take a look at the dates in the article.

Another important date for your calendar is 20 April: our first event for our community to come together to discuss and celebrate the impact of our field with a day full of networking and the BSI Immunology Awards Ceremony ( You can also read about the upcoming 'Inflammation at barrier sites' meeting as part of our busy Regional & Affinity Group events programme, and discover our popular bioinformatics training.

Additionally you can find a piece to honour the late Professor Avrion Mitchison, a pioneer in the field and one of the Society’s founding members, through recollections from his colleagues and peers.
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Immunology News - December 2022

Front cover Immunology News Dec 2022
In the last Immunology News edition of 2022, we show you what to look forward to at our flagship conference BSI Congress, including research from top scientists and unique opportunities to make new connections, and the editors of our newest Open Access journal, Discovery Immunology, take you through cutting-edge articles in the inaugural issue.

This issue features an interview with BSI President Professor Arne Akbar, who is finishing his term this year and reflects on his time leading the Society and the challenges that the field still faces. Additionally, in this issue you can discover our Corporate Members, whose support is vital to our activities.

We also bring you up to speed on the latest developments in our mission to build closer links between academics and clinicians, including the establishment of the BSI Clinical Immunology Professional Network (CIPN) and a feature on the barriers to these important collaborations.
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Immunology News - September 2022

Front cover Immunology news sep 2022
This autumn edition of Immunology News celebrates the inspiring talent of the emerging generation of immunologists. Hear from the PhD and Postdoc winners of our Bright Sparks sessions from BSI Congress 2021 as they tell us about their interesting research, the early career researcher (ECR) editorial boards of our official journals on their valuable insights on building peer review skills and our Education & Careers Secretary, Dr Donald Palmer on his highlights from BSI Summer School.

We also look ahead to Congress 2022, taking a closer look at what our attendees can look forward to in Liverpool this December and look back at our members attending an international conference earlier this year and sharing their top tips for ECRs presenting their research.

Additionally, you can learn about some of our wonderful members including Prof Danuta Gutowska-Owsiak who shares her journey in immunology across two countries, and our Immunosenescence Affinity Group's upcoming conference.
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Immunology News June 2022

Immunology news 2022 cover
The summer issue of Immunology News is a special edition marking the launch of our new Diversity & Inclusion framework where we lay out how we are going to work with our members and community to progress our equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) work.

You can also learn more about the amazing EDI activities being carried out by our members. Read about how The STEM Village is inspiring and embracing LGBTQ+ people in STEM, the value of exploring the experiences of senior immunologists to benefit our community and an important inclusive research event.

To help you understand how we fund the vital support for our members and secure the Society’s future, this issue features an article with insights on the BSI finances.

Additionally, you can read other interesting articles from our members and meet our new BSI committee members including our President-elect.
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Immunology News - March 2022

cover March 2022
In the first Immunology News edition of 2022, you can hear about an important project to diversify the immunology curricula at universities, the reflections of our former BSI Congress Secretary, Professor Gary Entrican, and how the BSI East Anglia Regional Group engaged with the public about vaccines at the Norwich Science Festival.

We also update you on the latest Society news including our annual BSI committee elections, the launch of our brand-new Open Access journal, Discovery Immunology, and a recap of our highlights from BSI Congress 2021.

You can also catch up on our work supporting the UK Covid Vaccine Research Hub and the CARINA Network, as well as enjoying a selection of interviews from inspiring women in immunology.
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Immunology News - December 2021

Immunology News December cover
In the final Immunology News edition of 2021, with only a few days to go until the return of BSI Congress, we discuss the fantastic programme we have in store for you at our flagship event in Edinburgh.

In this issue, we feature an overview of the recently launched BSI strategy 2021-2025, hear from BSI member Dr John Tregoning on his new book Infectious and look forward to the upcoming conference from the BSI Tumour Immunology Affinity Group.

You can also discover key advances in translational immunology from the 55th anniversary of our official journal Clinical & Experimental Immunology and learn how you can be a contributor in upcoming issues of the magazine!
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Immunology News - September 2021

Immunology News membership magazine September 2021 cover
In the autumn issue of Immunology News, we showcase some of the important initiatives we have been working on to further support our members and the immunology community, such as new research funding to tackle autoimmune diseases collaboratively and the significant expansion of our career development offering.

This issue features the much-anticipated BSI Congress 2021, as well as an article from BSI members Dr Thomas Wilkinson, Professor Rob Nibbs and Dr Nigel Francis discussing remote teaching and the future of immunology education.

We also look back at the 12 months of achievements and collaboration from the UK Coronavirus Immunology Consortium and explore the value of veterinary vaccines, presented in our recent policy report created with the International Veterinary Vaccinology Network.
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Immunology News - June 2021

Immunology News - June 2021 front cover
In the summer issue of Immunology News, we update you on the latest Society news including the new BSI committee members, the results of our membership survey and our recent policy and public engagement work.

This issue features an interview with IUIS President, Professor Faith Osier, exploring her research and leadership, an article from Dr Emma Chambers about research into vitamin D and immunity and a piece on mentoring from Professor Ann Ager and Professor Anne Cooke.

Additionally, we hear from some of our wonderful members including Professor Mark Travis on his new role as BSI Groups Secretary, Dr Laura Pallett on her experience as Forum ECR Representative and Hannah Bialic on her journey as an early career researcher.
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Immunology News - March 2021

Immunology News - March 2021 front cover
In the first Immunology News edition of 2021, we bring you up to speed on our work to raise the voice of our members in public discussions around COVID-19 vaccines with our ‘Vaccine engagement starts at home’ initiative.

We also provide a brief update on our Coronavirus work, including a new expert report from our Immunology and COVID-19 taskforce, and present 'TrialsWatch' – an article series from our Open Access journal Immunotherapy Advances reviewing the latest immunotherapy clinical trials.

Also in this issue, BSI member Dr Antony Psarras from the Leeds Institute of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Medicine discusses their recent findings on autoimmunity and SLE, and we look back on our highlights from Black In Immuno Week and the BSI virtual conference.
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Immunology News - November 2020

Immunology News cover - November 2020
In the end-of-year issue of Immunology News, we show you what to look forward to in our upcoming two-day virtual conference, 'Connecting immunology in the time of COVID-19', highlighting the cutting-edge sessions and virtual networking opportunities.

Additionally, we hear from Dr Nigel Francis, the winner of our 2020 Teaching Excellence Award, and we update you on the work of our Immunology and COVID-19 taskforce, including the latest report on the ageing immune system, and on the launch of the UK Coronavirus Immunology Consortium, which the BSI is proud to support.

We also introduce you to the brilliant Regional Editors of our new Open Access journal, Immunotherapy Advances.
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Immunology News - September 2020

Immunology News - September 2020 cover
In the autumn issue of Immunology News, we look back at how we have been supporting our members and feeding into public discussion around COVID-19, and we take a look forward at our role in the UK Coronavirus Immunology Consortium.

In this issue, we hear from members from the Australian and New Zealand Society for Immunology on the gendered impacts of COVID-19 and how we can preserve diversity in academia. We also hear from Professor John Hammond and other experts about the UK Immunological Toolbox, a community-driven initiative to facilitate veterinary vaccinology and immunology research.

We’re proud to present Immunotherapy Advances, our first fully Open Access journal, with an interview of Editor-in-Chief Professor Tim Elliott. Additionally, the BSI South Wales Immunology Group showcase their activities and how they have adapted to the new virtual reality.
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Immunology News - June 2020

Immunology News - June 2020 cover
In the summer issue of Immunology News, we bring you up to speed on the Society’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and how we are supporting the immunology community with our ‘Connect on Coronavirus’ activity.

In this issue, we’re pleased to introduce the newly elected members of the BSI Committees. Additionally, we hear from BSI members from the O'Garra lab on their new gene activity app, and we take a look at ways the BSI Regional & Affinity Groups are engaging online.

Also featured is our new policy report on the UK’s outstanding contribution to vaccine research and a review of our Celebrate Vaccines campaign.
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Immunology News - March 2020

Immunology News - March 2020 cover
In the first Immunology News of 2020, we are delighted to showcase the fantastic work our members are doing in an increasingly critical topic: reducing their carbon footprint in the lab. This issue also features the new aims and scope for our official journal, Clinical & Experimental Immunology, as well as updates from the team on our finances, recent policy work and our exciting ‘Celebrate Vaccines’ project highlighting the importance of vaccinations and immunology research in improving global public health.

Additionally, we bring you highlights from the hugely successful BSI Congress 2019, which took place in December and was attended by over 1,300 delegates.
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