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BSI Governance


The BSI Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing the business activities of the BSI. The members of the Board have legal responsibilities and liabilities and must ensure the Society is well-run, financially sound, and that it meets its charitable aims and objectives.

The Member Representative Forum is the BSI's 'think tank' and the place where the issues & ideas that are of importance to the Society and its members are raised, discussed & developed.

The primary focus of the Congress Committee is to be responsible for the planning and delivery of the BSI’s flagship event, BSI Congress, which takes place two out of every three years.

This group delivers the activities of the BSI Clinical Immunology Professional Network, a new network to champion, support & represent UK clinical immunology. 

The membership elect four Secretaries who have defined areas of responsibility. These roles are: Public Engagement Secretary, Education & Careers Secretary, Groups and Meetings Secretary, and Congress Secretary.

The Finance Sub-Committee meets four times a year and has delegated responsibility for oversight of finance, risk, investments and audit.

The Nominations Committee has oversight concerning the governance structures and effectiveness of the BSI and is responsible for nominating individuals to represent the views of the BSI on external committees & for external awards.