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COVID-19 vaccine Q&A

On this page, you will find video question and answer sessions about vaccines for COVID-19. We took questions from the public on our Instagram channel and put them to our BSI members and expert immunology scientists, Dr Megan MacLeod, Prof Sheena Cruickshank, Dr Nigel Francis, Dr Donald Palmer, Dr Ane Ogbe and Dr Louisa James. In the videos your questions are answered including the details of how the vaccines work, who will receive the vaccines, how long immunity might last to a vaccine, how herd immunity can protect us, the importance of receiving two doses, why the vaccines are safe, ingredients found in a vaccine and lots more.

It’s important to understand and address vaccine concerns that are prominent in public discussion and may lead to hesitancy to vaccination. By answering your vaccine questions, the BSI hopes to provide expert information to help everyone make informed decisions about vaccines and their health. For more information on how we're championing the critical role of vaccination and vaccine research in advancing global health, check out our Celebrate Vaccines website. 

We also have a special COVID-19 vaccine Q&A about fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding with Dr Viki Male.

COVID-19 vaccine Q&A: fertility, pregnancy & breastfeeding

As COVID-19 vaccine development and the UK vaccine approval and roll out continue to evolve, these videos and answers are accurate at the time of recording.

COVID-19 vaccine Q&A part 6 with Dr Louisa James, from Queen Mary University of London, March 31 2021

COVID-19 vaccine Q&A part 5 with Dr Ane Ogbe, from the University of Oxford, March 5 2021

COVID-19 vaccine Q&A part 4 with Dr Donald Palmer, from the Royal Veterinary College, February 12 2021

COVID-19 vaccine Q&A part 3 with Dr Nigel Francis, from Swansea University, January 22 2021

COVID-19 vaccine Q&A part 2 with Prof Sheena Cruickshank, from the University of Manchester, December 11 2020.

COVID-19 vaccine Q&A part 1 with Dr Megan MacLeod, from the University of Glasgow, October 30 2020.

Thank you to Ane, Donald, Nigel, Sheena and Megan for the time and expertise provided in producing these Q&A videos.